Coming Fall 2023

Universal blockchain interoperability is here

Use Wire Network to offer seamless onboarding, native cross-chain interoperability, and reduced transactions costs inside of any dApp, DEX or blockchain product.

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We're making blockchain tech so easy to integrate that most users wont even know they are interacting with it.

Ken DiCross

CEO, Wire Network

Introducing Crypto SSO

Build seamless logins that mimic a traditional single sign on process while offering users a universal non-custodial wallet that can interact with any modern blockchain

Name Service

Name Service provides secure asset routing powered by smart contracts. It's backwards compatible with ENS and allows users to transact on any modern blockchain.

Wire Name Service

WNS is the first implementation of our Name Service protocol. It serves as a proof of concept as well the base layer for our Ecosystem

Decentralized infrastructure for the modern web

  • Allow users to transact across any modern blockchain
  • Eliminate unpredictable gas fees and save big $$
  • Simplify the user onboarding experience
  • Integrate with existing Web 2 software
Universally interoperable
Seamless onboarding
Cost per transaction
Transactions per second
100,000 +/-
10,000 +/-
30 +/-

We're building performant protocols for bridgeless interoperability that are compatible with any modern blockchain.

Wire Network makes modern blockchains more usable by powering universal wallets and seamless onboarding experiences that mimic traditional sign in workflows.
Wire.Network is built around the UPAP protocols which offer seamless interoperability across any modern blockchain with no bridge, oracle, or gas fees.
Our unique interoperability architecture allows us to deliver higher TPS than any other modern blockchain.
UPAP + WNS seamlessly connect all modern blockchain networks allowing for global scale enterprise adoption.
Total transparency mean that there are no middle men between you and your assets. While our ramp to self-custody provide additional layers of safety for inexperienced users.
Our unique governance structure and server architecture means no one can manipulate the network.
Our node architecture and allocated network resources guarantees that enterprises can operate with predictable expenses rather than being at the mercy of volatile gas fees.
Our entire network is trustless down to the server. This means anyone can audit our stack down to the current state of the firmware running on any given node.